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Oil on gessoed paper, June 2019

Poughkeepsie Winter
Acrylic on canvas, March 2019


Oil on canvas, November.
More abandoned, than finished... but I think I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out. The meticulous few hours I put into this were certainly a labor of love...so this self-portrait is quite special to me, even though I tried very hard to not be precious about it!

Oil on canvas, October 2018

My first longer figure painting in oils
October 2018

Finished this one up... study of white cloth (I will go back and take better pictures of these later)
Oil on gessoed paper, September 2018


November 9th, 2016 -- do you remember that day?
Acrylic on paper

Golden summer in Philly
Acrylic on canvas

I took a wonderful figure drawing class my freshman spring

My dear Keurig 3D modeled in Autodesk Maya :') and made out of the homesickness of my heart.

3D model of the Fragonard room at the Frick Collection in New York! That room was my favorite because of the huge paintings and many shiny, intricate objects. I gotta say though, it was a pain to model.


Self portrait
Acrylic on canvas, March 2015

Acrylic on canvas, March 2015

Virginia Woolf
Acrylic on canvas, May 2015

Self-portrait after-school
Oil on canvas, June 2015