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oil, november 28 2018

acrylic, november 25 2018

sketch in acrylics - november 11 2018. inspired after visiting susan moore's studio with my class

Progress - november 05 2018
Painting has been a little painful lately, but I am learning how to be less precious about it all. I had to do a presentation on Alice Neel, and learning about her has inspired me to want to do more portraits as a way of getting to know people.

We are starting on self-portraits in figure painting class - I really love Rembrandt's "Self Portrait with Disheveled Hair" (left) so I'm basing mine off of it. This is my progress (right) after ~20 minutes. We'll see where this goes!

october 30 2018

here are some funky progress shots of my red cloth painting, done over the course of three-ish sessions!
october 08 2018

Wednesday, September 19
I'm finding figure painting to be joyfully complex. It's much more different than figure drawing than I expected. What I enjoyed about figure drawing was the beauty of the form, the shapes that make up the human body, the gesture of the line. Figure painting is more primarily about color, and where there is color, there is complexity. Value, temperature, texture, opacity, gesture, many things to keep in mind! But it makes the process exhilerating, meditative, frustrating. I'm still getting used to oil paint, and what an amazing medium it is - so full of versatility and richness. I'm trying to be less precious about my paintings. I love drawing so much because of its straightforward rendering of form, but I need to give that up in order to learn how to use color rather than line to create form.

one session oil
september 19 2018

one session oil - venetian palette (venetian red, yellow ochre, white, black)
september 17 2018

one session oil
september 12 2018

one session oil
september 10 2018

hello from san josé

the sun was so bright that after staring at the white paper of my sketchbook while drawing this i almost couldn't see anything when i looked up




july, san francisco


playing around with some glitch algorithms and a shiny 3d model of venus de milo. i really liked this composition :)



I went to São Paulo in the summer and I took a picture of every single cafezinho I had and then I made this :-)

there is a lot more 2016 stuff but I haven't had the chance yet to take pictures of my old sketchbooks :]


I saw her in person !