Call Me By Your Name

Luca Guadagnino, 2017

good for your eyes and ears ! first love !

Dead Poet's Society

1989, Peter Weir

made me sad about robin williams and kind of anxious about needing to contribute my 'verse' to the 'great play'

Fallen Angels

Wong Kar-wai, 1995

longing, longing, longing for love. loved this movie emotionally, visually, everything


Wong Kar-wai, 2004

October 2017

Watched this on Friday with AF. It hit us (destroyed us) both toward the end — what a beautiful, complex, and emotional film. It’s about love, timing, the parts of ourselves we give to others (in exchange for what?), and carrying pain with us while trying to leave a pained section of life (but being unable to let go). 2046 is a slow burner, with a few different story arcs that don’t start to seem that connected until we get some explanation from the sci-fi arc (which I LOVED and was very unsettling).

The significance of the number 2046 in this movie is also super interesting — it is the hotel number of the main character's true love, it is the distant future that the fictional sci-fi protagonist is stuck in, it is missed timing and lost love, and it is also perhaps just a number. As time passes, so does love.

Delayed reaction time is also an important theme — expressed quite literally through the robots’ delayed processing time. Time is just so important in this film, it makes me think about how it plays a role in my life. Time hurts, helps, heals. Time is mysterious, and as the film points out, we may not always know the reasons behind waiting, and delayed answers / answers that never come.

Ultimately, pain, love, and time are all interconnected. Each narrative arc is quite beautiful and painful. As always, the actors and actresses are amazing, my favorite here is Gong Li!! (pictured above)

Worth noting also that this film is a “loose sequel” to In the Mood for Love (2000) and Days of Being Wild (1990), which were both directed by Wong Kar-Wai. I think the movie is good as standalone, but I watched In the Mood for Love some time beforehand and it did make 2046 a bit less confusing.