Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

2002, Park Chan-wook

10 Jul 2022

WOOOOWWWWWW stunning movie
dark, two vengeances pitted against each other
but whose vengeance is more justified? is it only in a deeply unjust world do we even need to ask questions like that?


1983, David Cronenberg

14 Jun 2022

freaky but so creative .. I liked it a lot, so many fascinating ideas and cool visual imagery. The underlying fear driving the film is of the effect of tv/screens on our psyches and how it drives our need for increasingly exciting stimulation and entertainment (it's established early on, but this basically means snuff film). I think what gives Cronenberg's treatment of this topic an unsettling vibe in Videodrome is its amorality. The film shows several reactive paths to this fear, but doesn't give any moral preference. I like so far of what I've watched of Cronenberg - while his films are sexual they aren't exploitative, and they seem to be more about exploring limits and edges than evoking visceral shock/horror for its own sake.